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Boiler Upgrades

Limerick Boiler Doctor (LBD) supply and install high-efficiency condensing boilers with efficiencies of between 94-97%. An energy efficient oil boiler upgrade could save you circa 25% on your domestic fuel bills.

boiler servicing
Boiler Servicing

Limerick Boiler Doctor (LBD) will ensure your oil boiler and heating system is working to its optimum safety & efficiency. This is achieved through a number of measures. (read more)

Boiler Maintenance

Changes in boiler performance such as unfamiliar noises, odours, unusually high /low radiator temperatures, unusually hot/cold tap water or a need for resetting safety devices, sometimes precede heating system failures.

Efficiency Testing

A computerised fine tuning of an oil boiler using a flue gas analyser can bring a conventional oil boiler’s efficiency as high as 85% efficient. If a boiler has not been serviced for a number of years it can be as low 65/70% efficient.