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Condensing high efficiency Oil Boilers

The efficiency of oil boilers which are more than 15 years old may be as little as 70%. This means that for every €1,000 you spend on oil €300 could be wasted.

Limerick Boiler Doctor (LBD) supply and install high-efficiency condensing boilers with efficiencies of between 94-97%. An energy efficient oil boiler upgrade could save you circa 25% on your domestic fuel bills. An energy efficient oil boiler upgrade will also help to improve your home’s Building Energy Rating (BER), and lower your carbon footprint.

LBD can also assist you in choosing the correct size of boiler for your home. An over-sized boiler is expensive to purchase, run and maintain while an under-sized boiler will not heat your home properly. Limerick Boiler Doctor’s price for installing, supplying and commissioning an oil-fired high-efficiency condensing boiler starts from only €1,850. Please note that all newly installed oil boilers must be commissioned by a qualified person using the necessary equipment (i.e. flue gas analyser).

LBD also install and service high efficient condensing wood pellet boilers. Please call for a free quotation.




LBD is fully qualified to install and commission new oil boilers and all works are carried out to the manufacturers and OFTEC standards.

It is a manufacturer’s requirement that newly installed boilers are signed off as being commissioned by an approved technician in order to enact the boiler’s warranty. BLUE Flame certified and OFTEC approved technicians fulfil this criteria. All new oil boiler manufacturers including Firebird, Grant, Warmflow, and Worcester Bosch, are now issued with a passport which needs to be completed and submitted as part of the commissioning process in order to enact the manufactures warranty. Failure to install the oil boiler correctly or non-submission of the boiler passport may invalidate the manufacturers' warranty. LBD provides an oil boiler commissioning service for existing customers as well as other oil boiler installers. If you require this service please contact us for a quote.