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Carbon Monoxide


In Ireland about 40 people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning each year.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless, tasteless poisonous gas. Protect yourself and your family by having your boiler tested with the latest specialist equipment. LBD can test your boiler to ensure that there are no harmful emissions, and you will be given the readout of the test result. This service comes free with every service.

Carbon Monoxide alarm Installation


LBD can supply and fit Carbon Monoxide Detectors in order to alert you of unsafe levels in your home. For new oil boiler installations we supply and fit a CO alarm as standard.

Room Safety testing

.Many homes have rooms containing one or more appliances which need a combustion air supply e.g. gas hob/oven, oil/gas boiler, gas/oil fireplace/stove, oil fired range. LBD can test your air supply and ventilation for such rooms reducing the risk of damage to your health by hazardous gases.


Buying a new home? When buying a new house problems with the heating system can sometimes be overlooked. These can be costly to repair or bring up to the necessary specification. LBD can provide a heating system report which can be used as a guide to future costs of repairing/upgrading this system. This report, in turn may be used as a negotiating point with the vendor.


Local authorities require an OFTEC certificate from landlords wishing to rent to them. LBD offer the following heating system and boiler inspections and reports.

•CD/11 Servicing and Commissioning report.

•CD/12 Landlord oil installation safety report.

•TI/133D Domestic Oil Storage and Fire Risk Assessment.

Oil Level Monitors Installation

We also Install oil level monitors, which give you an easy visual indicator of the oil level in your tank, thus reducing the risk and inconvenience of running out of oil that can cause airlocks in your oil line.