Oil Tank Replacement & Installation / Limerick Boiler Doctor

Oil Tank replacement / installation

Is it time to replace your oil tank? If so Limerick Boiler Doctor (LBD) can supply and install a new oil storage tank.

LBD can pump /transfer your existing oil into your new tank or into our portable storage tank until your replacement oil tank arrives.

Do you need a new oil tank? It may be time to check.

Oil tanks that contain home heating oil are susceptible to damage from the elements or stress from the load they hold. This can result in leaks or splits that can cause environmental or safety hazards. As such, all oil tanks should be inspected regularly and replaced if necessary. LDB provides a professional oil tank examination service and can replace your old oil tank for a new one if necessary.


Here are some reasons to upgrade your tank:

Environmental Issues

Fuel oil spills in residential areas can contaminate drinking water in wells, surface and deep ground soil contamination, septic tank percolation systems, contamination to streams and rivers resulting in fish kills.


If your tank is leaking, how long has it been leaking for and what are the financial implications? Will your insurance cover a soil decontamination programme subsequent to an oil spill from a faulty tank?

Age/Wear and Tear

Join areas and connections in an oil tank are susceptible to decay and typically show faults after 20 years.

Note: Fuel line damage may also occur

Some tell-tale signs your Oil Tank may need replacing:

1: Damage to nearby plants/trees

2: Smell of fuel

3: Heavily rusted connections

4: Dents/Cracking

5: Boiler unexpectedly running out of fuel