System Power Flushing / Limerick Boiler Doctor

Have you noticed any of the following? If yes then a heating system power flush may be required.


• Some radiators with cold patches or not adequately hot

• Radiators cold at bottom

• Heating system pump failure on more than one occasion

• The boiler is very noisy

• Radiators are rusting

• Frequent bleeding required

• Some radiators slow to heat-up

• Leaking radiators or pinholes appearing in radiators


What is a heating system flush?

Where needed LBD use a purpose-designed flushing unit with an attached ‘Magnaclense’ TM unit in order to prevent sludge re-entering the system. This will improve your heating system’s performance and reliability.

The Magnacleanse rapid flush system removes virtually all iron oxide particles by retaining them in a filter with a powerful magnetic field. Debris that enters the filter is therefore prevented from re-circulating in the heating system.

The power flushing unit is attached to the heating circuit

• The flushing is done at high velocity, but low pressure to prevent any damage to the system

• The heating circuit is cleansed of lime scale and corrosion debris and iron oxides/rust

• Debris and blockages are removed bringing the heating system back to full efficiency

• During a power-flush 3kg to 7kg of sludge can be removed

Subject to a survey of a heating system LBD can recommend the most appropriate type of system flush. E.g.

• Power flush on its own.

• Magnacleanse rapid flush on its own.

• Power flush combined with a Magnacleanse rapid flush

• LBD recommend this is followed by the installation of a permanent Magnaclean TM filter.

The Importance of a heating system Flush

Even with the use of chemical rust inhibitors, over time central heating systems develop a build-up of sludge, consisting of iron oxide (rust) and other elements. This can affect many parts of the heating system such as the circulating pump, radiators, pipework, valves and particularly the oil boiler. Sludge will also adversely affect the efficiency of your central heating system leading to higher fuel bills. Moreover, prior to installing a new oil boiler a system flush is recommended by boiler manufacturers

Magnaclean Filter 

In addition to a system flush, a Magnaclean filter can be added to your system permanently which continues to protect the heating system into the future. Throughout the year, sludge collected by this filter can then be easily cleaned at each boiler service and the protection continues.

Also, if you have recently had a new boiler fitted LBD can still carry out a Power flush or a Magnacleanse rapid flush and install a Magnaclean filter.

A system flush starts from only €350 euro depending on your heating system. Link to magnacleanse & magna clean process: