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Oil Boiler Maintenance & Repairs

Did you have a new boiler installed within the past 5 years?
Keep your boiler warranty valid by having it repaired by a qualified technician.

Changes in boiler performance such as unfamiliar noises, odours, unusually high /low radiator temperatures, unusually hot/cold tap water or a need for resetting safety devices, sometimes precede heating system failures. Should you notice any such malfunctions don’t hesitate to call us to investigate the source of the fault.

In the event of a breakdown there are a couple of things you can check before calling us out.

Tips on what to do if your heating system / oil boiler is not working.

Call us at any time if you are unsure and we may be able to help you over the phone.

If attempting to fix any problems with an oil boiler/burner, be mindful that it uses mains voltage electricity and flammable liquid. LBD therefore recommends you not attempt to interfere with your heating appliance components unless experienced in the area of expertise.

1. Have you sufficient oil – minimum of two inches of oil is needed.

2. Did you run out of oil and get a recent refill. You may have an ‘air-lock’. In some cases the oil delivery lorry driver may have experience in releasing airlocks. If not, a callout is recommended as adjustment of the incorrect components of an oil burner’s settings is often dangerous.

Repair charges

Daytime callout: €45 (including the first hour of labour on site).

Out of hours callout: €55 (including the first hour of labour on site).

LBD carries a large number of boiler spare parts for the majority of oil boilers used in Ireland.

The majority of oil boiler breakdowns are therefore repaired within the first hour on site.

LBD may give a discount on callout charges in some situations e.g. short repair time.