Boiler Servicing / Limerick Boiler Doctor

What is included in a Boiler Service?


Limerick Boiler Doctor (LBD) will ensure your oil boiler and heating system is working to its optimum safety & efficiency. This is achieved through a number of measures including:

    •Inspection of the oil tank & supply line.

    •Oil line & pump filters are cleaned.

    •Flue is inspected/ cleaned.

    •The boiler’s internal components are cleaned

    •Oil nozzle is replaced.

    •Heating system Safety components are tested (e.g. thermostats, pressure relief valves, lock out devices)

    •Burner is inspected for wear/ damage

    • N.B. Computerised analysis of boiler combustion is recorded using a ‘Flue Gas Analyser’.

    •A printout of boiler efficiency and gas emissions (Carbon Monoxide [CO] and Carbon Dioxide [CO2]) is given to the Customer for their records. Boiler is calibrated to maximum efficiency & safety

    Note: LBD also service oil fired ranges / cookers & wood pellet boilers.


Why service your boiler annually?


Save money – between €100 and €400 per year in an average home.

Reduce running & breakdown costs as components wear causing inefficiency /malfunction.

Fully serviced boilers operate at optimum efficiency.

Just 3mm soot in an oil boiler can waste €100 of every €1000 spent on fuel.

Acid deposits that accumulate during combustion reduce boiler efficiency. If your oil boiler is not regularly serviced this can lead to heating system/ boiler leakages.

Worn nozzles can cause numerous problems with a boiler including excessive fuel consumption - as high as 20% extra. That’s €200 wasted of every €1000 spent on fuel

Dirty filters cause excessive wear to nozzles and expensive parts e.g. fuel pumps.

A computerised fine tuning of an oil boiler using a flue gas analyser can bring a conventional oil boiler’s efficiency as high as 85% efficient. If a boiler has not been serviced for a number of years it can be as low 65/70% efficient.

Before & After Service

This customer saved over 11% on their annual heating bill with a LBD Boiler Service.

Health and safety.

About 40 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning in Ireland every year. Oil boilers which are not serviced for several years typically produce much higher levels of harmful gasses such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Worn or damaged hoses and other safety features can malfunction and increase the risk of fire etc.

Protect the environment.

Reduce CO2 and Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions.- Annual boiler servicing will reduce production of CO and CO2 levels thus reducing your carbon footprint. An oil tank inspection during service can prevent environment hazards such as oil spillages.